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What has been missing in the treatment of weight management is YOU.

Your intuitions, your story, your spirit, your identity, your essence, your sense of being, your divine energy.

The common storyline for weight loss has very much been: follow my advice, follow this plan, do this, eat that, don’t eat those… etc. and you will find health, lose fat and BE HAPPY. It’s the age-old plot that has been sold over and over again. 

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in the very point that it completely excludes the whole person's life experience from the treatment plan.  You have a story.  We're putting you at the heart of your weight management treatment plan.

There are many areas of wellness:

  • Physical

  • Emotional

  • Spiritual

  • Occupational

  • Social

  • Intellectual

These all have an interconnected dynamic in our lives that goes beyond just focusing on the state of our physical body and what foods we are eating. Wellness is an active pursuit of aligning our intentions, choices, and actions towards an optimal state of wellbeing and health.

When we are asking our bodies to change, as in with active fat loss, we need to feel safe in our bodies and secure in all areas of our lives.

When we are trying to breakthrough a fat loss plateau, we need to address our limiting beliefs and assess our environment impacts on our daily habitual patterns.

When we are pursuing lifestyle change and life-long weight management, we need to connect with our internal divine energy and spiritual faith of life and meaning beyond ourselves.

Whether managing your weight is new to you, or you have struggled with this your entire life

We cannot talk about weight in isolation. We are a system.

Similar to how the Earth takes a trip around the sun each year as it orbits in the solar system. I believe we all have our own inner “solar system” if you will. In this inner solar system the planets are our physical body outer-shell, internal organs and their functions, our brain and nervous system; the many stars are our subconscious mind, neural pathways and habitual patterns; and the gravitational pull that keeps it all in place is our spiritual essence, and our energetic emotions. We orbit in this system on a continuum that represents how our life and lifestyle is connected. This is how we connect to ourselves and how we perceive the world. 


With unwanted excess weight gain, or an inability to manage your weight as you desire - we have become separated from ourselves. It's the idea that we are disconnected somehow from our inner being and divine compass. There are many things that can move us off our "life orbit" and lead to unwanted weight gain, and these are different for everyone. One person's reason for weight gain or area of struggle with managing their weight may be very different from another's. So, following the same treatment plan is not a one sized fits all.

Disconnection from ourselves during weight management looks like:

  • Starting and stopping many different "diets" that you saw in a magazine article, on social media or someone told you about​

  • Trying to restrict your food intake and feeling like you are starving, thinking about food 24/7 or have energy zero throughout the day​

  • Telling yourself every new week, month, or year that you are FOR REAL this time​

  • Understanding concepts of healthy eating and lifestyle changes but feeling confused or overwhelmed of how they fit together in YOUR life​

  • Following a certain diet plan but having "cheat meals"​

  • Knowing you want to make a change but feeling like you have no motivation to start​

  • Getting upset with yourself because you don't know why you are "sabotaging" your progress​

Disconnection from ourselves during weight management sounds like:

  • "I just need someone to tell me what to eat and I'll be fine."​

  • "How can people do this!? I NEED FOOD."​

  • "My cravings are out of control. There's no way I can give up chocolate or pizza."

  • "Seriously, what is WRONG with me!?"​

  • "Wait so is dairy good or bad for me? I don't get it!"​

  • "I've been good all week, I want to relax and not care about what I eat."

  • "I just don't have the time to do all this meal prepping."​

  • "I have to get the fries every time I go out to eat, ugh I'm the worst."​


Does this sound like you?

Trapped in an endless cycle of chasing "the next big thing" and being serious about making changes, only to feel like you keep striking out, or just can't make the changes last. It may be time to try another way.

"If you're here, you're probably looking for a deeper, long-term solution to weight loss"

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